Marwell Zoo, Hampshire

HED's appointment to design both Penguin Cove and later the 'Roof of the World Exhibit' for the resident snow leopards at Marwell Zoological Park located close to the company's Winchester office, was met with great delight by all those involved.

The inspiration for the design of Penguin Cove was the landscape of the Falkland Islands where 5000 pairs of Rockhopper penguins live amongst boulders and scattered clumps of long grass on New Island. Carefully selected limestone was painstakingly put together with representative planting to recreate something reminiscent of that environment. 

Penguin Cove received the 1997 UFAW Zoo Animal Welfare Award for providing improved conditions for the welfare of the penguins in captivity and for helping the public to appreciate their physical and behavioural needs.

The snow leopard enclosure known as the 'Roof Of The World Exhibit' was inspired by the haunting, windswept and almost mythical landscape of the Himalayan foothills complete with rock faces, temple remains and traditional “yurts” where visitors can learn about the elusive snow leopards.

Location: Hampshire
Client: Marwell Zoological Society
Architect: Cole Thompson Associates
Engineer: Anthony Ward Partnership
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