Tranquility Resort, San Rafael, The Dominican Republic

"A mountain retreat set in the tropical woodland with stunning views over the Caribbean Sea" summarises the design intent for the hotel, offering something intimate and luxurious in a natural setting for those who also like to explore and experience the country with its culture, its people and its landscape. 

The hotel is set on the higher ground and with its exclusive access, provides amazing prospects for guests whilst disguising, in the contours of the trees, the mass of any buildings or facilities. The hotel appears as if it has evolved over time in response to the land. 

Below and barely visible through the existing woodland lie the private villas and "Town Centre", organically hugging the contours of the hillside as settlement that appears almost natural, offering opportunities for all lifestyles and creating more varied and sustainable community and that all important "Sense of Place". 

At the heart of the site lies the area of indigenous woodland, extended through management to provide buffers between hotel and residential of 100 meters in plan and 35-40 meters in elevation. This Green Heart of the development, in itself a valuable resource, is extended to the sea as a valley through which pathways meander to the beach and dedicated Hotel Beach Club and pier, all in the context of San Rafael with its cafes and river pools. 

Location: San Rafael, The Dominican Republic
Client: Tranquility Resorts
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