Colne Valley, Heathrow, London

Part of Terminal 5, this landscape restoration covered approximately 250ha of the Colne Valley Regional Park to create a new designed landscape focused on the River Colne and remnant water meadows. The work included planning and supervising the translocation of 2.5ha of species rich grassland, creation of new meadows and the provision of a north south footpath cycleway that connects the northern and southern sections of the regional park. 

Work with the Highways Agency enabled a more structured hierarchical approach to the airport from the M25; a landscape that sits above the river valley and provides visitors with views of the English Countryside as they approach, or leave, the airport terminal.

The translocated grassland now known as the Orchard Farm biodiversity site rapidly became and still is one of Heathrow's finest biodiversity sites.

Location: London
Client: British Airport Authority